About Us

SEAL (EPA CERTIFIED) provides technical consultancy in the field of Environment, Social and Technology Development programs tuned to the local needs. It was first incorporated in Lahore in year 2000, and then later with our high customers demand, Karachi office was opened in 2012.

SEAL is staffed and operated by a dynamic group of Industry experts, scientists; engineers specialized in environmental & social studies, environmental monitoring, waste water treatment plants, air pollution control devices, HSE, Energy solutions, Water Balance and Water management, Energy Management and inspection services.

SEAL is a team that works in a constructive environment for effective interaction and information sharing both within and outside the company. This practice enables us to benefit from the expertise of each other. The firm has strong associations with education institutions nationwide and promotes studies and funded research in these sectors. The firm also has associations within national and international organizations.

Syed Nihal Asghar
Adnan Khan
Environmental Officer
Arshad Ali
Aziz Khan
Manager- HVAC & Automotive